Ex-DBS head starts MD job at HSBC “locked in hotel room”

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Ex-DBS head starts MD job at HSBC “locked in hotel room”

Olli Petteri Sydänlammi, head of digital ecosystem at DBS in Singapore, has moved to HSBC in Hong Kong.

The veteran technologist joined HSBC earlier this month as CTO of the app PayMe, digital ecosystem. He was promoted from executive director to managing director in the process.

Sydänlammi spent more than three years at DBS leading the delivery and development of the bank's digital ecosystem, including a focus on apps and the DBS API platform.

“I count my first week in Hong Kong as a success although I have been locked into a hotel room for quarantine,” Sydänlammi wrote in a recent LinkedIn post. Hong Kong still imposes a 21-day hotel quarantine for travellers. By contrast, on Tuesday, Singapore allowed vaccinated travellers from several countries – including the US, UK and France – to enter the country without isolating upon arrival.

Sydänlammi isn’t the only banking professional who’s been quarantining in Hong Kong. Credit Suisse managing director Yves-Alain Sommerhalder, who has spent several weeks locked in hotel rooms following overseas trips, has posted advice on how to deal with life in confinement. His tips include renting sports equipment for your room and bringing scented candles to offset the potentially damp-smell aroma.

Sydänlammi will have his hands full at HSBC. PayMe’s popularity has increased during the pandemic. It boasts more than 2m users in Hong Kong and is adding new features on a regular basis. The unit employs more than 100 people, according to LinkedIn. It is currently hiring in risk and compliance.

Meanwhile, DBS continues to hire senior technologists in Singapore. As we reported last month, the bank took on Kapil Shukla as head of engineering and architecture for its finance platform, and Fang Wu as head of test practices.

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